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Jussi Kemppainen could be justifiably called Finland’s renaissance man in the entertainment business. He’s moved effortlessly between music videos, commercials, animation and gaming taking care of various creative duties during his excursions beyond the ultraworld. He was a 3D Artist on Pathway to Glory (2004), one of Nokia’s N-Gage model’s flagship games and continued working on the sequel, Ikusa Islands (2005). After that he moved on to become the Lead Designer on Warhammer 40,000: Squad Command (2007).


Subsequently he founded an animation and commercial production company with like-minded friends, called Kombo, which was acquired by Rovio.

He was involved in creating new games but also instrumental in developing the Angry Birds animated series and shorts. From Rovio he went to Remedy where he put his special effects skills to test pushing boundaries on Quantum Break (2016). After that he embarked on a new journey, creating a new kind of tactical RPG for PC and consoles, Iron Danger, currently in development, set to be released in 2020.

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