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Veteran game designer Saku Lehtinen has stayed most of his career in one company, Remedy Entertainment, famous for its story-driven action games.

He got his first Amiga 500 computer in 1987 and was hooked on the new visual potential. Lehtinen found himself soon in one of the demo groups in Finland’s nascent hacker community. His first published game to local retail distribution was Bloody Afternoon (1989) done with a programmer friend. 

After a brief hiatus of studying and teaching in the university around 1997-98, Lehtinen returned to games in early 1999, this time as full-time. Since then he’s involved in practically all of the Remedy’s game projects either as Creative Director, Art Director, Cinematics Director or Level Designer or a combination of these. Remedy’s AAA games have sold 12+ million units, over 13 million people have downloaded Remedy’s digital games on iOS, XBLA, Android and Steam.

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