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Touko’s first dream was to be a research scientist in physics. He studied and made his doctoral dissertation in particle physics at the University of Helsinki. Tahkokallio has created over 10 different board games, first published under his own company and later as a freelance game designer for bigger companies. His most popular games include Eclipse (2011), a galactic strategy game and Enigma (2012), the puzzle-solving game taking place in an ancient temple.

In 2012 friends from the Finnish game start-up Supercell convinced him to help out at the company, which was at that time still doing games for Facebook. Tahkokallio joined Supercell and as his first job was designing Supercell’s first worldwide mobile smash hit, the farming game
Hay Day (2012). His next design
project was another hit, the real-time strategy game for mobile, Boom Beach (2013) after which he moved on to create Brawl Stars (2017).

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